GRE Word Vocab Meaning Prep Spelling Quiz - mSpell
This version of mSpell includes a complete set of GRE related words and will help master the vocal section of GRE. Apart from the memory game of mSpell, you can view flash cards with word meanings and also take quick quiz.

100000+ English words on mSpell and additional 1200+ words you specifically need to know for GRE.

MSpell is a word memory game - to test your memory with English words and their spellings. You memorize a list of words and then try recall them back. Also view the their meaning. Customize how the list of words is presented in terms of number of words, how long the words are shown, etc. Improve brain function as you master the game and also improve your spelling abilities. Helpful to learn and memorize English words.

Lots and Lots of words that you can master. Sharpen your brain with an excellent memory workout. Also learn the meaning of words as you go along.